SOLD OUT - LATE NIGHT! Ghost Hunt at Wymering Manor, Portsmouth

Friday 6th March 2020 21:00 - 02:00 Wymering Manor,


Tickets £40 (Deposit: £10)

This is a deposit only. Outstanding balance to be paid upon arrival. Please read the page for full details.

Sold Out

Event Details

ParaSpirit Events - One of the UK's most popular Ghost Hunting Events! Presents... 
LATE NIGHT! Ghost Hunt at Wymering Manor, Portsmouth
Wymering Manor was first recorded in 1042 and mentioned in The Doomsday Book of 1086, this house (oldest in Portsmouth) is regarded by many as being the UK's most haunted house. Bleeding Nuns, phantom horses and full sightings of Ghosts have been seen here on a regular basis by many people in the past. Our previous Ghost Hunts here has seen many people experience amazing paranormal activity, from unknown heard whistling and voices, dark shadows, poltergeist activity where things have moved and falling from shelves and footsteps above when no one was there. Or was there? This is a fantastic opportunity to join our team and one of our best locations! 

Joined & Hosted by Dale Field & Team
Dale has been investigating the paranormal for over 15 years, since the age of just 16. He has appeared on many paranormal radio stations, TV, newspapers and worked with World famous individuals - within this genre. Dale has conducted and hosted hundreds of investigations all over the UK, at many locations. His experience and knowledge is valuable, when the lights go out at mega haunted locations! 
Visit Dale's profile on - (click link or search, 'Dale Field'). 

Time: 9.00pm - 2.00am
Price: £40.00 (£10 deposits - balance payable 3 days before; you will be notified how to pay) 
You will be emailed approx 3 days before the event, with full details! Your name will be placed on our reservation list - no need to print tickets (though we may ask to see confirmation on your mobile devices) 

What's included: 

~ Introduction ~ 
~ Paranormal / Ghostly chat with our experienced team ~ 
~ Whole group walk around ~ 
~ Split into smaller groups ~ 
~ Use your mobile devices to take pictures & films ~ 
~ Group Seances - "Is there anyone there?" ~ 
~ Last 45 mins investigation in your own groups ~ 
~ Experiments ~
~ De - Brief ~ 
~ Hot refreshments and snacks provided throughout the night ~

ParaSpirit Events are strictly for entertainment purposes only and not for scientific research nor historic touring. Itinerary is not compulsory. You are free to leave before the end. Anyone suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave. We advise people of whom are pregnant, get claustrophobic or of a nervous disposition to not attend. Upon entry, you will take full responsibility for your own actions. All tickets are non refundable. Aged 16 and over. ID may be required.
SOLD OUT - LATE NIGHT! Ghost Hunt at Wymering Manor, Portsmouth

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