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Services can be combined or are flexible depending on your needs.

Reiki, EFT, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Mediumship and / or reading, Psychotherapy,
Far Infrared thermo treatment, Counselling, Aura Soma, Sound & Crystal healing, 




Monday to Saturday 

10.00am - 12 Noon 

2.00pm -    4.00pm 

£50.00 Per Session

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In my earlier life I spent several years working for the NHS in various capacities from nursing to admin. In 1994 I went out to America and trained as a Reiki Master/teacher. I later trained in Psychotherapy and NLP before branching into work with Cold lasers, Far Infra Red light and various systems working with Rife and Hulda Clark frequencies with a particular interest in cancer.

During these years I also joined an Australian company as Group Manager for the UK selling Chi Machines and Far Infrared medical equipment. This work took me round the world with the added bonus of witnessing the natural healing practices of different Native cultures.

The loss of my husband has led to a search for answers surrounding death and the afterlife. My husband shared the belief that there had to be something more after physical death and he vowed to prove it to me if this became the case.

Since then he has provided irrefutable evidence of his continuing survival. This has led me to develop a latent gift of mediumship that I had suppressed for more than half my life because of scepticism!

There are so many people who have suffered the loss of loved ones and who are experiencing loneliness and poor health as a result, that I would like to offer my help in order for them to rebuild their lives. Everyone deserves good health, happiness and peace of mind no matter who they are or what their beliefs!


Alternative therapist and medium with a lifetime of valuable experience - Appointments  available NOW

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