TWELVE ESSAYS IN LOVE by Andy Matheson from Portsmouth and CD by The Explorers


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Twelve Essays In Love by Andy Matheson

Life appears to have passed by Will and Ruth, two lonely thirty-somethings with an umbilical dependence on their smartphones, until a random street theft brings them together. As they tentatively grow closer, they discover why a red Lego brick is a cure for a blank magnolia wall, how lives are inextricably linked to the power in a mobile phone battery, how shoelaces can become a moment of pure eroticism and how a text message can change your life. But when Ruth is caught up in a terror attack in central London, their budding relationship is turned on its head.

Laced with sardonic humour in the literary style of Nick Hornby with the visual comedy of Richard Curtis, this novel also carries a unique twist. The author has composed and recorded a soundtrack album, one song for each chapter. The ideal way to experience this is to read and then listen; or the other way around.



A great modern day romance with a Quality Soundtrack I had no idea what to expect and have not picked a book up for some time. It was fascinating to read and had me hooked within minutes. Full of people watching observational humour and more than  a hint of how social media and our mobile phones can not only take over certain aspects of our life but sometimes can change things forever. Even if you don't read books, you should read this one. 
True life observations to make you LOL. I received this on Sunday and finished it on Monday. It's a fabulous read and I really enjoyed the true to life observations which made me laugh. A really good mix of humour and emotions. I haven't yet listened to the accompanying play list but intended to... What a "novel" idea!
A modern day love story with music!  A love story, that made me chuckle with its observations of modern day 'courtship'. An easy read with a difference, as apparently there is a CD with 12 tracks to accompany the 12 chapters of the book. A definite re read when I get the CD! An unusual stocking filler for romantics.
A funny well written book  Loved the quirky observations. The book made me laugh out loud and surprised me. The link to the author’s music is very clever. Hoping for another book...
Completely different to anything I have read! Really enjoyed and would recommend. All readers would enjoy! Covers relationships in a very interesting way and love all the definitions included too! Recommend you read!
Brilliant!  Brilliant book. I absolutely loved it and read it in almost one sitting. Great main characters and a series of events that will leave you reeling. Full of humour and warmth. Lots of laughter but tinged with sadness too. This was really well written and I loved the chapters in between the main story. Very clever. Am looking forward to Andy's next novel!
Funny, poignant and unputdownable - loved it  I loved this story about Will and Ruth. It made me lol in places and I learned a lot about contempoarary romance too through social media (being an oldie!). Loved the clever characterisation, the use of famous landmarks, music and events. Do hope Andy Matheson wrtites more - can't wait!
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A contemporary love story- touching,funny and hard to put down once you’ve started!  Cleverly written - I couldn’t put it down and it made me laugh out loud in places. Loved the way the story was constructed and the way it looked at things from both Will and Ruth’s point of view.
TWELVE ESSAYS IN LOVE by Andy Matheson from Portsmouth and CD by The Explorers

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