DELTIIMO - Featuring Amba Tremain & Devin Jade "Now Sing Out Loud"



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Deltiimo – Now Sing Out Loud (feat. Amba Tremain & Devin Jade)

A new dance anthem from music veteran Gary Louca, Deltiimo’s ‘Now Sing Out Loud’ is an electronic fuelled single that reaches out for everyone to “break down barriers” and “unite as one”. It’s a single built upon repeating spirals of digital sound and the soaring vocals of Amba Tremaine and Devin Jade, promoting a wholly positive message and resounding like a vibrant, unrelenting Eurovision entry. A song that has undoubtedly made a mark, it’s found its way to the Number 1 spot on the USA Kings of Spin’s chart and the Starfleet music pool, and now it’s fallen upon our ears.

It’s a dynamic single that was born of a collaboration with Holland’s Bradon Grobler, mending dizzying pop heights with the repetitive beats and simple structure of dance, and arriving as something of a divisive sensation. To some, ‘Now Sing Out Loud’ will likely be a standout hit that encapsulates what the dance scene is all about, to others, it will likely be little more than a one minute song stretched across three, gone in the wind and burnt out with the same vibrant intensity that it brings.

What will happen with the single is yet to be seen, but what know, is that the song has been built solidly with a purpose to spread the love. It’s a polished pop song that will entertain easily and stay in your head long after it’s stopped playing. It’s familiar, perhaps to the point of generic, but it’s successful in how it sends out its message. The veteran touch Gary Louca can definitely be felt, and while everyone will have a different idea about it, it’s impossible to deny that the track is good fun for all.

Score: 6.5/10

You can grab your copy of ‘Now Sing Out Loud’, along with five unique remixes from iTunes now!

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DELTIIMO -  Featuring Amba Tremain & Devin Jade "Now Sing Out Loud"

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